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“Tetras” LLC quality, professionalism, business relationships, Ideology, operation, reliability and trustworthy as well keeping our client’s confidentiality in mind.

This has exalted the company to an amazing and unrivalled greater level of success and thereby expending our operation to international territorial Commercial Sea Port arenas, we are committed in rending our international partners with our unique services. With years of triumphant business has made us a force in the business world with the unique service render by our management team with great experience in services.

Within the past few years, “Tetras” LLC has been ranked among the leaders in maritime transport and storage in Russia and Europe. By nature we have a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction; often we develop and operate our business with reputable local, private and state-owned companies in Russia and around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote effective integration of Russia into the world economic space through complex development of the modern multipurpose Commercial Sea Port of Russia and the surrounding regions.

Our Project

“Tetras” LLC has several activities related to the creation of the different projects in Russia multipurpose Commercial Sea Port and Europe, a complex for social-economic development adjacent to the port area. The desire to create conditions for the most effective activities of the port and the feeling of social responsibility there was a direction associated with the integrated socio-economic development of it territory. Feeling responsible for the port workers, their families, as well as the people living next to the port, the Company decided to build a new town for 34.5 thous. people, and other project yet to be mentioned.

Pipeline Transportation Of Petroleum And Petrochemicals

At TETRAS pipeline transportation is one of the most economical and environmentally preferred form of transport. Currently, we have a very large number of different bandwidth and length of the pipeline both regional and interstate. Diameter pipes of our large modern oil as high as 12 – 1, 4m, at a speed of 0 – to 15m/s, the total length – up to 5 – 6 thousand Km. This is a very vital component of our supply chain in delivering our products to customers, ports, cities and towns and also delivery of crude oil and raw materials for refining. Thus, natural gas and crude oil are transported substantially only through pipelines. In connection with the program of gas supply small towns and villages we have increased the number of projects on storage facilities.

Test Laboratory For Crude Oil And Petroleum Products Analysis

Our laboratory conducts analysis of crude oil and petroleum products on thier performance. When compared with other research methods, the analysis of crude oil and petroleum products, we can detect internal defects and malfunctions, operation technique, all in the beginning. In addition, the work of the laboratory analysis of oil helps to prevent possible future maintenance issues, as well as to carry out regular inspection and repair of internal combustion engines, transmissions, turbines, gearboxes, hydraulic systems and other major oil-filled equipment.

TETRAS has set the goal of creating an integrated analyzer for conducting analysis of crude oil and petroleum products. Analyzer, which would give the operator not only tests of crude oil and petroleum products, but also pointed to the failure in equipments. The outcome of the success of our company are not only four longer generations of instruments exploitation, also positions us as the absolute leader.